Silk road start Buddhist monks in Kumbum monastery Qinghai China

Ancient silk road – follow the trader’s foot steps in Northern China

Silk road… follow the ancient footsteps. Everybody knows the silk road. Different trading routes from the western part of Europe to the east all the way to the ancient capital of China Chang’an. With some students, translators and teachers of MIADA I went to the northern part of China on a cultural trip. I visited Xi’ning, Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai lake,…

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Teaching at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Chongqing China

Teaching at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute & creative meetings

Time flies Everything has been so fast paced in the last couple of months. When starting the semester at MIADA (Modern International Arts & Design Academy) I planned on settling in, learning the language, focusing on teaching and kicking back with some leisure activities around Chongqing City while eating my way through the Chinese culture. But my expectations have been…

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Downtown Chongqing, China and the yangtze river

Chongqing daily life photo series

Chongqing, China aka the Mountain city Along the Yangtzé and Jialing river there’s the city of Chongqing. A self governed city state since 1998. The state is rouphly the size of the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg). But it has 3-times as much people. According the numbers in 2016 the city got 30 million people in the greater Chongqing area. Chongqing…

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Machu Piccu Mountain Peru

Creative Globetrotter in the newspaper

One day back and get interviewed by the local newspaper BNdeStem. Click on the image to enlarge. Als je dit leuk vind check dan ook: Laatste etappe in Azië blog Welkom in Maleisië blog Dubai, Arabische extravagantie Nepal, het dak van de wereld blog Laatste dagen in Nepal blog Cambodja blog De diversiteit van Vietnam blog Laid back Laos blog…

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Juyjuy mountains - Argentinië Argentina

Argentina, Salta, Cordoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires – photo series

Crossing the border From Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, I crossed the border with Argentina. One of the biggest countries in the world. What I do like of this country are the welcoming families I’ve visited. But especially the barbecues are so delicious and amazing! Salta Crossing the border the amazing Juyjuy area and mountains up to Salta you see…

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Creative Globetrotter Flying above the clouds

As Creative Globetrotter first year around the world – video

As Creative Globetrotter I’m back home and it’s pretty awkward when you’re home and not feeling home. But that’s part of traveling too. But what you do when you are home is watching pictures, think over your experiences and edit your video or check my youtube channel for other travel guides and videos or vlogs. Asia The first continent I…

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Cable car from La Paz to El Alto Bolivia - Bolivië

De chaos van Bolivië

Back to basic Een van de armste landen van de wereld, waar je soms nog waakzamer moet zijn dan in de andere landen in Zuid Amerika. Een land waar protesteren aan de orde van de dag is. Chaos een algemene regel is in het dagelijks leven, het verkeer en de regelgeving. Bolivia of Bolivië is niet zomaar een land om…

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Salkantay pass, Andes plateau, Peru

Peru – Cusco, Salkantay, Machu Piccu and Uros Islands – Photo series

Mighty Peruvian Andes mountains Even more culture by visiting the second part of the Peru trip. But also hiking the stunning Andes plateau. It is though but it is so worth it when you see the first sunrise and Machu Piccu in the High Andes. Cusco and Ollantaytambo I arrived in Cusco from Arequipa through the Colca Canyon. Cusco is…

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Machu Piccu, Peru

Buenos Dias Peru

Hallo Peru! De dag begint zoveel later, de mensen nemen het leven voor lief. Salsa klinkt er door de straten in diverse barretjes waar de verf van de muren afbladdert. Er klinkt overal Spaans. In de kroegen, hotels, hostels en op straat. Immense natuur wat voornamelijk bestaat uit woestijn en bergen. Een cultuur die al heel lang bestaat wat terug…

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Paracas, Isla ballestas, Peru

Peru – Lima, Ballestas, Huacachina, Arequipa, Colca Canyon – Photo series

Hello Peru Traveling for the very first time South America and I enjoy it very much. My Spanish ain’t that good but I get more familiar with the customs, culture and language. This blog is the first part of Peru trip. Lima The capital of Peru is an amazing blend of everything, poverty, rich and poor. But also a nice…

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Publicis Montreal

Relax vibe at Publicis Montreal

From Publics Toronto to Publicis Montreal  Thanks to Nick Palmer, Creative Director at Publicis Toronto I was able to get in touch with some French Canadian Creatives Directors in Montréal: Carl Robichaud and Nicolas Massey. It took some time for me to travel from Toronto up to Montréal because I first want to reach another goal: see the east coast…

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New york skyline from the Freedom tower USA United States

USA east coast photo series: Boston, New York, Washington, Philadelphia

Historic east coast The east coast of USA, is an area with a high historic value of present day United States. The capital Boston of the early New England colonies, Philadelphia the city where the declaration of independence has been signed, New York one of the oldest cities with Dutch and English heritage and Washington present day capital. See the…

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Vancouver Island Wild crest trail Canada

West Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, Jasper & Banff national park

Oh Canada Yes the national anthem is indeed Oh Canada. And Oh Canada it is. So beautiful is the western part of Canada in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Check for the pictures below. From Seattle to Vancouver Island I traveled with travel buddy from Seattle Washington USA to Victoria Vancouver Island. Although you can travel more directly…

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Sir James whitney school for deaf Belleville ontario Canada

Inspireren en geïnspireerd worden door dove tieners

Even iets anders: dove Canadese tieners Normaal schrijf ik over mijn ontmoetingen met creatieven en mijn reisverhalen in het algemeen. Vandaag heb ik iets bijzonders meegemaakt. Momenteel ben ik in Belleville in de provincie Ontario, Canada. Jonathan is een Canadese vriend van mij en Mikael die we 5 jaar geleden ontmoet hebben tijdens het IFHOHYP Summercamp in Zwitserland. Jonathan werkt…

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Pyramid mountain Jasper national park Alberta Canada

Canada, beren op de weg zien

Oh Canada Het land van supervriendelijke mensen die je alleen gek kan krijgen met ijshockey. Het is het een na grootste land ter wereld. Met zijn uitgestrekte bossen sommigen zijn duizenden jaren oud. Sneeuw, de eeuwige sneeuw op de bergen als de Northern Territories waar het eeuwige ijs ligt. En land waar je uren kan rijden in de wildernis zonder…

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Publicis Toronto Canada

Work at Publicis Toronto & visit JWT Toronto

Leaving Calgary Just before the long weekend started, on Friday I left Calgary for Toronto.  Because I would be arriving during a long weekend, I knew I would not be able to visit some agencies in the biggest city of Ontario, I decided to email a lot of people and hope for some responses.  You see, normally, I would do walk-ins at…

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Golden Gate bridge San Francisco United States, Verenigde Staten

Verenigde Staten, welcome in the Land of the Brave

De Verenigde Staten van America De Arend staat fier overal op de grote gebouwen. Streng kijkend op iedereen in de straat. The Stars and Stripes wappert overal. Muscle cars: Mustangs, Dodge Challengers en Corvette rijden hier af en aan. Mensen die gek zijn van Basketbal, American Football, Baseball en (Ice)Hockey. Dit is inderdaad The Land of Brave de Verenigde Staten.…

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San Francisco united states

West coast United States – LA, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle

Relaxing West Coast West coast compared with the east coast in the United States is very laid back and inspiring at the same time. Chill in the sunshine state on the beaches, hike thousands of trails in Oregon or enjoy the amazing landscapes in Washington. Check the photos below. Start in Los Angeles If flew straight from New Zealand (with…

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Wieden Kennedy Portland Oregon USA

Wieden + Kennedy Portland ft. Ellen McFadden

Work at W + K and collaboration with Ellen McFadden After making an exhausting overnight trip from San Francisco, I arrived in Portland, the biggest city of Oregon.  Because I wasn’t able to check in at the hotel, I headed into the city for a long walk before deciding to return to the hostel.  However, suddenly, in an area of many breweries,…

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Tongariro Alpine Crossing Nieuw Zeeland

New Zealand South Island photo series

South Island New Zealand.  It is the largest of those two islands with the less people compared with north island. I traveled from Sydney Australia and flew to Christchurch. In the middle of the night I arrived. So I could explore the real New Zealand the next day. Check the photos. Christchurch Christchurch still suffers from the earthquake a few…

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Nick klinkert

Creative Globetrotter at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

San Francisco is everybody’s favourite city in the United States of America. At least, it is for me! Today, I was invited by Nick Klinkert.  He is an creative director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GS&P). GS&P has been honoured several times as the Agency of the Year by numerous advertising organizations, magazines, and blogs. Additionally, their staff and work have…

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Whitsundays Australië - Australia

Australia east coast, Queensland and New South Wales photo series

Traveling the east coast From middle Australia to the north and flying south to travel the entire famous east coast of Australia. Brisbane I flew directly from Singapore to Brisbane. A seven hour flight through the night. Brisbane was totally different from South East Asia. Something I wasn’t used to anymore. Everything was more convenient arranged. The traffic, the people,…

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Gardens at the bay Singapore

Singapore, de laatste etappe in Azië

Singapore het uiterste puntje De allerlaatste etappe op het Aziatisch continent het voelt een beetje raar. Ik zit op het puntje van de landtong in Zuid-Oost Azië. Singapore kijkt uit op de ‘Straat van Singapore’. Daarachter, als je goed kijkt vanaf het hoogste gebouw, kan je Indonesië zien liggen. Best bijzonder om daar overheen te vliegen en niet in je…

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Thailand - Tail boat near the beaches of Koh Lipe

Thailand – photo series

Thailand you was just fabulous! My last view on Thailand. Breathtaking landscape if you think about the sea, the beaches, the islands. Also the north is terrific in the mountains especially during a trekking. Experience different types of street food (simply brilliant though). But above all the transport is an adventure. The best night train i had in my life.…

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Monkey Tempel Kathmandu, Nepal

Laatste dagen in Nepal

Nepal naar Cambodja – van Zuid-Azië naar Zuidoost-Azië Enige dagen ben ik weer in Cambodja in de hoofdstad wel te verstaan: Phnom Penh. Hier is het een stuk warmer. En ik ben blijk dat ik voor de eerste keer mijn korte broek aan kan trekken. Nepal was in de middag warm maar ’s ochtends, uit de schaduw en vooral ’s…

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Nepal – het dak van de wereld

Namasté Namaste, al ruim anderhalve week zit ik al in Nepal. En het is weer eventjes bevatten wat ik de afgelopen dagen heb mee gemaakt. Vanuit Dubai was ik aangekomen op het vliegveld van Kathmandu. Vergeleken met Dubai was dit een stap terug in de tijd. Aangekomen bij de immigratie was ik blij dat ik van te voren mijn visum…

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