Seminar: inner Motivation meets successful brands

This was a seminar at Apeejay Stya University in Gurugram/New Delhi school of visual arts and design, India. I discussed how I gained experiences as the Creative Globetrotter during my travels, and how I arrived at certain insights since I started traveling the world in 2015. I also talked about how I gained better strategic and creative insights by comparing different countries I visited, whether it was working at an advertising agency or teaching at an art academy. Finally, I explored how junior creatives can use these insights for their own work.

Description of the video:

“Inner Motivation Meets Successful Brands”

Is there a reason why people prefer Apple over Samsung, or why they express a deep-rooted love for Adidas or Nike? Why do some individuals find certain designs and artworks beautiful and consider certain individuals charismatic, expressing unconditional adoration for them? When asked why they adore these brands and loves, people often find it challenging to explain why. In this seminar, I’ll take you through the process of dissecting personal inner motivation, emotions, and intrinsic values that help brands, artists, individuals, companies, and designs build sustainable relationships with their customers.

With over 15 years of experience as a creative, designer, art director, and now as a creative art director in advertising and modern media, Budi will take you on a personal journey that led him to various places worldwide as a creative, teacher, and traveler. From foreign arts academies, advertising companies to art projects across the world. Exploring how diverse the world is, yet somehow sharing one commonality: the love for a person or brand. He’ll delve into how, after this analysis, you can even better align the creative work for your clients with their needs, fostering long-term relationships that can generate significant impact.

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