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As Creative Globetrotter first year around the world – video

As Creative Globetrotter I’m back home and it’s pretty awkward when you’re home and not feeling home. But that’s part of traveling too. But what you do when you are home is watching pictures, think over your experiences and edit your video or check my youtube channel for other travel guides and videos or vlogs.


The first continent I visited was Asia. The Middle East by visiting the expensive Emirates and Dubai. From there I flew to South Asia to Nepal. Climbing the Himalayas by several treks. After Nepal I visited 4 countries in South East Asia. Cambodia (the mighty Angkor Wat), Thailand (the white beaches and islands), Malaysia (the food!) and Singapore.


From South east Asia I visit the east coast of Australia by traveling form Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Airlie Beach, Townsville & magnetic Island to Cairns and visit the outer reef of the famous Great Barrier Reef. From Cairns I flew Sydney visit some friends. From Sydney I flew to New Zealand. An amazing country with a lot of nature. The fjords, the glaciers, the vulcanic areas and nature parks.

North America

I flew across the Pacific and arrive in Los Angeles, United States. In the city of Angels I spend one day and traveled up to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Victoria (Vancouver Island). From the United States I cross the border with Canada and made a road trip from Vancouver Island all the way the east coast: Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Banff and Jasper National park, Calgary, Toronto, Belleville, Ottowa, Quebec City, Tadoussac, Chicoutimi and Montreal.

And traveled back to the US again and visit the major cities on the east coast like Boston, Washington, Philadelphia and New York City

South America

From New York I flew to Lima and spend my last months in South America by visiting Peru with its mighty ancient temples, Bolivia the stunning death road and the jaw breaking salt flats in Uyuni. Then cross the border with Chili and saw the driest place on earth and end up in Argentina and experienced the warm welcome of different Argentinean families.

What is coming next? Well that is China…!

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