Petronas towers, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Malaysia peninsula photo series

Malaysia you are gorgeous!

It is incredible. Although I’m born in Indonesia and raised in the Netherlands. I feel so much in love with Malaysia. Friendly people, inspiring cities and tremendous nature. And I don’t even saw the Malaysian Borneo yet. For now I saw the Peninsula and that is for now way enough.


Palau Langkawi

Palau Langkawi or Langkawi Island I arrived from the Thai Koh Lipe. It got  direct Ferry connection. It takes over 3 hours of traveling. On Langkawi I stay at a local family. You see the baby crawling in the living room. The Island itself has nice villages, beaches and viewpoints. The main highland was Gunung Raya. You ride with your motorbike up to the mountain and see the tremendous sight over the entire island.

Palau Penang

Technically it’s not an island anymore. Because several bridges connects the island with the mainland. It takes 3 hours go by Ferry from Langkawi to Penang. You arrive in Georgetown. The capital is a blend of the different cultures and ethnic people living on the island.  But the main highlight is the amazing food. It’s Malaysian, South East Asian, Indian, Chinese… a mix of different cultures clashes in the kitchen and explode in your mouth with different kind of flavors. Penang itself is a nice old traditional English town and very laid back to wander around.

Cameron Highlands

If you want escape the heat in Malaysia you go to the Cameron Highlands. Because of the height the temperature is mild and enjoyable. Because of the temperature its the central hub of growing plants, crops and tea leaves. The green mountains and hills goes for miles and miles. Tanah rata is the place you arrive from Penang. It takes around 5 hours by minivan. You have different activities to enjoy yourself. Like tours, outdoor sports and hiking. There are different hiking trails you can walk by yourself.

Kuala Lumpur

Aka K.L. The capital en probably one of the central hubs of entire South East Asia. The cosmopolitan city is very convenient to get around. Good infrastructure, very laid back compared like Bangkok or Hong Kong. It got several main hightlights like the radiotower viewpoint. the Petronas towers, the Batu caves, just wander around the city and eat the delicious food. Just like in Penang its a blend of different cultures.


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