First meeting with creatives

First meeting and freelance work

I just had a awesome conversation with Pim van Nunen. Former Employee of the agency i worked with as well. A creative that does not call himself an Art Director but more a creative and concept thinker. He worked with the big (and small) agencies like Ubachs Wisbrun, Y&R, AGH & Friends and in Australia for Mojo and Leo Burnett Sydney. Now he is an independent Executive Creative Director.

After a lot of traveling and see some creative things now i got finally a meeting with a really good creative guy i can learn a lot for it.


Breakfast meeting

The conversation of 1 hour during breakfast explains a lot about Australian advertising culture. They are creative that’s for sure. But Australians are really proud on themselves and rely on their heritage. Proud about their products, nature, country and advertising. That proud the top creative jobs are not for foreigners. Is it fear? Maybe afraid of the unknown i think. They use their own Australian Photographers, Creatives, Art Directors, Copywriters. Hopefully they’ll see teamwork and open attitude can help them more in the future.

Second, the business is changing a lot and nobody knows which way everyone goes. Media, Social Media, Online, data etc there’s a lot but creating the idea still stands. Creating concepts is still the major thing all the people think it’s awesome. So what i learned from it? A lot i think. My portfolio need a big hustle. Also change the way i present myself. Art Directors nowadays are more connected with design then advertising and concept instead. And go my own way. I work several times alone and i feel better that way although sparring can be good to in some cases. And work a lot and hard.

Not bad for the first time having a creative meeting let more meetings come!

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