Salkantay pass, Andes plateau, Peru

Peru – Cusco, Salkantay, Machu Piccu and Uros Islands – Photo series

Mighty Peruvian Andes mountains

Even more culture by visiting the second part of the Peru trip. But also hiking the stunning Andes plateau. It is though but it is so worth it when you see the first sunrise and Machu Piccu in the High Andes.

Cusco and Ollantaytambo

I arrived in Cusco from Arequipa through the Colca Canyon. Cusco is a historic city it is a maze of small and narrow street and houses. It plays a significant role in the Inca and Peruvian culture as doorway to the mighty sacred valley. Ollantaytambo for example I’ve visited with the known terraces on the mountain ridge.

Salkantay trekking and Machu Piccu

This by far the best trekking I did in Peru. It’s a 5 day and 4 night trekking through the Andes over the Salkantay pass of over 4600 meters. You climb and visit tiny villages and camp in tents overnight over 3000 meters. It is though but you meet and see the dramatic landscape. It changing when you are on your way to Machu Piccu. You end your trekking in Aguas Calientes. And visit the next day early before sunrise Machu Piccu. it feels amazing to be there as one of the first tourist. See the sunrise all by yourself and the ancient temple complex you surrounded by mountains.

Puno and Uros Islands

Before I went to Bolivia I visit lake Titicaca. I took a night bus from Cusco / Cuzco to Puno a border town near the Bolivian border. On the lake there are the Uros Islands. Local tribes and Indigenous people build floating villages and islands by natural materials.


Check here for the photos:

Cusco / Cuzco
Salkantay trekking
Aguas Calientes and Machu Piccu
Puno, Uros islands - floating villages


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