La Paz and El Alto local people, Bolivia

Bolivia – Lake Titicaca, La Paz, El Alto photo series

Crossing the border

I crossed the border from the Peru. When I arrived from Cusco in Puno on the lake Titicaca shore. First I visited the Uros Islands and a few hours later I get a stamp in my passport on the Bolivian side. First was visiting Copacabana and from there I made a boat trip to Isla del Sol. A quiet place from the busy Copacabana. During nightfall I took the boat back and get the bus to La Paz. But that was a whole adventure. Somehow in pitch black darkness we has to cross a river. In small boat we have been taken in groups to the other side. Late at night I arrived at the hostel.

La Paz and El Alto

La Paz is one of the official capital cities of Bolivia (the other one is Sucre). And together with El Alto the two cities are forming the biggest city or Urban area of Bolivia. Because of the miner strikes in Bolivia I wasn’t able go to Sucre or Potosi. So have to forced stay in this city a while longer. The city is very nice, dirty, chaos but somehow I like the people so kind and friendly. You can move by cable car across the city (instead of a metro line) so you can go to El Alto.

Surroundings of La Paz

Because I’ve to forced stay in La Paz and surrounding I did the famous the death road tour. This road was up to the early 2000s one of the dangerous roads in the world. Because of it is very narrow and it was the only road from Coroico to La Paz. 2 deathly accidents occur every day. Thanks to the new safer road you can downhille mountainbike the road. However it is still dangerous because locals still using this road. Less dangerous was the trip to the ancient temples Tiahuanaco.

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