Creative Globetrotter werkt in Nieuw Zeeland bij JWT Auckland

Work at JWT Auckland

What an interesting day today was!

After having a terrific journey throughout New Zealand, stretching from South Island to North Island, I ended up in Auckland, the largest city in this nation.  I came to Auckland without a plan.  I knew that I would be here for only one day and decided to try a tactic that I used years ago: do an impromptu visit at some advertising agencies that I’ve been to in a few cities in Europe.

Well, I attempted to do this with some of the biggest agencies, such as DDB, BBDO, and TBWA, and smaller ones, such as the Contagion; however, everybody was busy and didn’t have the time fit me into their schedule.  Many of them asked that I come back later, but I couldn’t because I was due to leave for Los Angeles on the following day. 

One agency left

To my luck, there was one advertising agency, the JWT Auckland, that let me into the heart of creativity, an experience that I am truly grateful for.  There, I met numerous creative people:  art directors, copywriters, and designers.  In fact, one of these people was half Dutch!  It’s incredible how small the world can be. 

Tips and first assignment

At JWT Auckland, the freelance creative team Ben and Steve of invited me for a conversation and for looking through my portfolio.  I emerge from this experience with these constructive feedback:  it requires some updates and it calls for greater creativity.  Additionally, because I have done many works for various automotive brands, Ben and Steve gave me the contact information for several other agencies that specialize in workin with automotive brands.  I so appreciate their few minutes that they spare with me; I felt at home and walked away with many ideas on how I can improve my work. And doing some remote work along the way for JWT Auckland. Well it’s is not that much but the first assignment is always nice!

JWT Auckland JWT Auckland

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