Downtown Chongqing, China and the yangtze river

Chongqing daily life photo series

Chongqing, China aka the Mountain city

Along the Yangtzé and Jialing river there’s the city of Chongqing. A self governed city state since 1998. The state is rouphly the size of the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg). But it has 3-times as much people. According the numbers in 2016 the city got 30 million people in the greater Chongqing area. Chongqing or CQ for short is one of the important economic zones like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin.

The area’s of Chongqing

Sometimes is walking around town or just a couple of blocks away enough to see the micro life in this large city. Ordinairy life in the area of Shibati and Jeifangbei. You feel this city is different from the ‘brothers’ of the Sichuan province and Chengdu  (The city was first a part if this region). The weather is humid the city feels overcrowded.


Everything is spicy.

Everybody know the famous Chongqing hotpot. One of the many dishes in China. As other different food, food in Chongqing is spicy. But I call Chongqing spicy-city. It is spicy in everything. Not only in the food like hotpot (HuoGuo). But also in the weather (it’s hot or very cold), the people (they have more temper), and more to do to inspire yourself.


Teaching at MIADA

I’m in Chongqing, if you didn’t notice, to teach art, design and advertising at the Modern International Arts & Design Academy at the CQ Business Tech & business university. It is an amazing journey to share my knowledge as a creative. But also a challenge to manage yourself around in the city and especially outside the city.


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