Thailand - Tail boat near the beaches of Koh Lipe

Thailand – photo series

Thailand you was just fabulous!

My last view on Thailand. Breathtaking landscape if you think about the sea, the beaches, the islands. Also the north is terrific in the mountains especially during a trekking. Experience different types of street food (simply brilliant though). But above all the transport is an adventure. The best night train i had in my life. But the Ferry was 7 hours delayed, a bus never showed up or delayed as well, smelling busses while people must vomit. Well the transport in Malaysia is way much better I can guarantee you that. Check the photos.

Siem Reap (Cambodia) – Bangkok (Thailand)

Traveling from Cambodia wasn’t always easy. I heard different stories about horror rides and border scams. Still I have to cross the border. From Siem Reap I booked a bus early in the morning. Around 06.00 hrs we were riding on the highway. In a van you would say that shouldn’t be on the road. And it was riding fast over 180 km/h. That is way to fast! But we reach safe and sound the border. And crossing the border went fast as well. So we were quickly in Thailand.


Bangkok is huge and wander around can be a bit tricky to not get lost. Especially if you cycle around on a bicycle. For Dutch standards the bike and the tracks would be disapproved by the government. Close to the cars and local transport isn’t safe at all. Cycling on the other side of the road (I’m used to cycle on the left side) is hell. But Bangkok has a lot to offer. The river, the temples but above all the food. So nice especially the national dish Pad Thai.

Chiang Mai & Pai

With the night train I went through the night to the 2nd largest city of Thailand: Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has a lot of temples. But also a great outdoor scene such as hikes and trekkings. I did a 2 day and 1 night trekking through the mountains. It was not that heavy like the Annapurna Base Camp trek but it was nice. After Chiang Mai I went to the hippi place of Pai. It is very laid back but compared with Chiang Mai not really big highlights. But it was nice to hang around and ride around with your motorbike.

Pai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Krabi

Yes I took the long way instead of flying. Afterwards was better take a plane from Chiang Mai to Krabi. But I have to go by bus, train and take the bus again to the Thailand deep south. But there was a problem. As soon I arrived in Bangkok I want take a night or day bus to Krabi. So I spend one night in Bangkok and take the mini van to Krabi. But the Van doesn’t show up. So I asked the travel agency to arrange a new bus. But that took the long way. Better bad then never. So it took me 12 hours to get there in Krabi: crazy taxi ride, then take the Coach to Surat thani from there with no knowledge of Thai get a scooterride (with full backpack) get the local bus to Krabi.


Krabi is amazing. Not only the town is nice, less touristy like Phuket for example. Very laid back and the beaches are around the corner. Railay beach is 20 minutes by tailboat. Spectacular rock formations surround the blue beaches.

Krabi – Koh lipe

I chose not to go to the party islands and islands full of tourists. I chose the tiny Island of Koh Lipe near the border with Malaysia. Koh Lipe is indeed a small Island. But it was nice to hang out for a couple of days after 3 months of traveling and really ON the move. Swimming in the turquoise sea and having small beaches for yourself it is just heaven.

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