Tongariro Alpine Crossing Nieuw Zeeland

New Zealand North Island photo series

Traveling from south to north island

Traveling from Nelson and Abel Tasman national parc to Picton. From Picton I took a (kinda fun it was Dutch made…) ferry to north Island. It was a single trip of 3 hours. I arrive in the capital of Wellington. From there my journey starts to discover north island. See the photos.


Wellington is not that big it is around it has 170.000 inhabitants. For a lot of capitals in the world this one is tiny. Compared the city where I come from is even bigger and that is just the 9th biggest city in The Netherlands. The capital is compared with Auckland very laid back. It was a lot of attractions to spend you days. Like museums about cultural history as well in art and design. You can visit the local park and hills to have a nice view on the city.

Lake Taupo

From Wellington I took the bus to Lake Taupo. When you arrived at the lake you feel a lot of calmness. It is very nice to walk around and enjoy the silence. The surroundings are even better nearby you have some natural parcs but you can also walk the Tongariro Alpine hike. Depends what you want but you can walk for 1 day or several days. Most of the travelers hike for one day. It is supposed to be the most beautiful hikes in New Zealand. And maybe even in the world. But that’s debatable. The Tongariro Alpine crossing hike brings you through vulcanic areas, moon landscapes, emerald lakes and though climbs.


Rotorua is just like Queenstown an outdoor sports town. You can do mountainbiking, hiking but also do the spectacular rafting trip. It is not the most spectacular one (I’ve experiencing much more fun in Peru or in Slovenia for example) but there is a 7 meter drop half way the raft-trip. And that is the highest commercial raft drop in the world. If you get tired of all the outdoor sports you can visit a variety of thermal parcs and hobbiton nearby.


For me the trip comes to an end. And I spend a week in Auckland. Not only visiting the most inspiring city with 1.4 million people with a lot of museums, bars, restaurants. Also I did some freelance work at JWT Auckland advertising agency as a freelance Art Director.

Check here for the photos:

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