Potala palace, Lhasa, Tibet China

Tibet, The people of Lhasa, B & W Photo series

7 day Tibet trip

Packed between the trans himalayan mountains and the Himalayas there is Lhasa, Tibet. After a 3 day train trip I arrived in one of the most spiritual regions in the world. Photoserie The People of Lhasa are kind people devote religious beings to pray and walk the pilgrimage every day. So much respect for those people who suffer a lot and still look happy.

Start in Chongqing

From Chongqingbei (South square) railway station I departed a 2 day and 2 night trip by slow and sleep train to Lhasa. Apparently It took the long way it took the detour to Xi’ning and then enter the Tibetan plateau. 

On the train

For 3 days and 2 nights it was quite boring. Sleep, eat, read a book, talk with some locals that was it. But somehow it was nice. Times goes much slower and relax on this trains. I shared a bed in a coach with 4 other people. We couldn’t understand each other but we shared food and show each other pictures. 

Tibet & Lhasa

I enter Tibet early in the morning and I looked outside a terrific landscape full of fresh morning fog, mountains and a lot of green. When I entered Lhasa I was picked up by my guide. She show me around the entire city. I’ve visited Potala palace, Jonkhang temple, the pelgrimage around other temples. And explore the outskirts of town and the mountains. 

Check here for the Tibet and Lhasa pics:


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