Juyjuy mountains - Argentinië Argentina

Argentina, Salta, Cordoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires – photo series

Crossing the border

From Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, I crossed the border with Argentina. One of the biggest countries in the world. What I do like of this country are the welcoming families I’ve visited. But especially the barbecues are so delicious and amazing!


Crossing the border the amazing Juyjuy area and mountains up to Salta you see the colorful rocks and breathtaking mountain passes. Salta is a typical laid back countryside city. Surrounded by mountains you can visit on foot or by horse and have the typical Gaucho’s experience including the famous Argentinean barbecue.


From Salta I traveld to Cordoba. The second largest city. I stay with a local family. The legendary Damia family. I met one of their relatives during the Salkantay trek. And they were very please we met eachother. And I’m very fortunate to stay with this family. It feels very welcoming with Argentinean hospitality. Cordoba has a lot to offer a nice old town and good food and I tried the delicious lomitos. And I join the Rugby match and concert of the Damia family’s children.


Rosario also known where the Argentinean flag was raised the very first time. And independent Argentina was officially established the first time. It is just 3 hours from Buenos Aires. It is a nice relax historic town with a nice art scene. And historic buildings. But as a fellow groundhopper I was so in love with the ground of Newell’s Old boys the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa.

Buenos Aires

From I traveled to Rosario. It is the capital of Argentina with 5 million people. It is big, huge! Great art scene, great advertising agency where I work with. The city has a lot to offer: museums, statues, historic buildings, graveyards so many things. Even spending 1 month in this city is not enough!

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