The famous red taxis in Hong kong

Pearl of the orient – Hong Kong photography

Enter China

Access to China or a stop over when you go South East Asia. It is a perfect mix in between. Everything comes together in this city. It’s mix of the orient, Asian, modern, western, foreigners… bottom line a perfect place to have a stop over for 1 day or longer before hitting the road again.

Pearl of the orient

Hong Kong is also known as a special economic zone. Together with Macau. Chinese are not allowed to enter Hong Kong without a permit. However Foreigners like me only need an EU passport. That is all you need. And of course my photo camera.

Former Colony

The Pearl was formely known as a colony of the British empire (just like Macau was to the Portuguese). And you can still see the remains in Hong Kong city. Like the double decker busses, the behavior of the people (very polite.

Check the pictures here:

Daily life in Hong Kong

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Pearl of the orient – Hong Kong photography

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