Bangkok Khlong Lat Mayon Floating market

Photoseries – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok doesn’t need an introduction. The capital of Thailand is a great mix of cultures and where old meets new. The city of 10 million people in the greater Bangkok area is by far the number 1 position of big cities in the South East Asian area with the convenient and reliable transportation, business and trade hub. The past months i’ve been twice in this city. And it feels very comfortable to be here and see also the every day life.

Khlong lat Mayon – floating market

The smallest floating market but also the less known one. While you have the bigger floating markets 20 km outside the city center this floating market is surprisingly close by. 10 km out the city center, less tourists as well. It can be busy (more local people than tourists) though when you enter the market after 13.30 around lunch time. But if you go in the morning up to lunch time that is good. One not this market is only open during the weekends. But is nice to wander around and try all the different kinds of food or buy goods people sell from their boats.

Chatuchak – Weekend market

The biggest weekend market is Chatuchak. It is located near the transportation hub of Mo Chit underground and skytrain. They have everything you can imagine. Different food, products and goods.


Like any big city in the South East Asian region they have a Chinatown. However you can only notice it is Chinatown when you see all the different Chinese characters. For the rest doesn’t feel like China at all. More like any other area in Bangkok. But sometimes is nice to maintain your Mandarin and have a basic conversation in Chinese.

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Weekend in Bangkok - (floating)market day
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Chinatown - Bangkok
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