Galata Bridge in Istanbul

Istanbul Travel guide and photo series

The bridge between Europe and Asia

Istanbul is literally the bridge between the European continent an the Asian continent. The entire city is a mix of all the ancient history and culture together. A silkroad crossroad where traders came and go, conquerers fight for supremacy of there states and kingdoms and the remains are still there.

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When you arrive at Istanbul International Airport. It is easy to take the local bus to the city center of istanbul. Buy the Istanbul card and put some credit on it so you can use it also for the other transportation options later like bus, metro and tram. I took the bus to the main square of Istanbul Taksim Square from there you have the option to travel to your destination.

Get around Istanbul

Most of the famous things are on the European side of Istanbul. As mentioned the local transport is very convenient. If your hotel is in the city center you can easily take the local transport including the ferry. The ferry takes you to different parts to the city and tot he Asian side of Istanbul. It is just cost 20 Lira per person.


There are dozens of highlights these are the important once.

  • Hagia Sofia Number one main spot of entire istanbul. Played an important roll in ancient Eurasian culture in Christianity as well in Islam.
  • Sultanmehment Mosque aka the Blue Mosque the second important spot just across the Hagia sofia
  • Basilica Cisterne a water reservoir build during the Byzantium times very mysterious 336 pillars in the dark could contain 80.000 liters of water
  • Big Bazaar Take stroll and shop in one of the oldest Bazaars of the ancient world
  • Galata bridge where you see the local fishermen catch their fish
  • Galata Tower has a nice overview over the city. Beware it can be busy at this landmark
  • Bosporus the water in between the Asian and European side is a nice part to take a boat tour and explore the city from the ferry or boat.
  • Kadiköy area on the Asian side is nice full with restaurants and shops
  • Taksim (Square) the main area everybody goes to for shopping and has some good food


Istanbul is crossroad of the silkroad in ancient times. The remains left an enormous gastronomy of Asian, Europe, Central, East-Asian, African cuisine. Of course everbody know the famous kebab food. Turkish food is not only with meat like the showarma, Döner food and meat rolls combined with sauces and curries, rice and vegetables. No it has surprisingly also a very sweet side. Drinking turkish coffee or tea with turkish delight or the tiny sweet delights with different sweet flavors is still one of my favorites. Just go to the many bakery stores with a terrace so you can combine to enjoy the flavors of the delights, drink some tea during sunset with a nice view over the Bosporus.


When I left Istanbul I left from the other airport Sabiha Gokçen Airport. From this airport most budget airliners leave or for more flights in the region for example going to Georgia or Russia. I've heard a lot people made the mistake going back to Istanbul Airport while they have to be at this one. Other transportation to different international destinations is either by Ferry (e.g. to Greece), Bus (Bulgaria and Greece) and Train (inland Turkey).

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