Participants in Budapest European youth center

European Youth Centre visit in Budapest

Off to Hungary, to Budapest.

Several weeks ago. The Creative Globetrotter was in the Hungarian capital: Budapest. And was visiting the European Youth Centre what is a part of the European Council. Do workshops, give workshops and give my TED talk again with the IFHOHYP (international Federation Hard of Hearing Young People). Everything what has to do with human rights and especially the United Nations convention for people with disability. Check the video



Who or what  is the IFHOHYP (from the IFHOHYP website)


IFHOHYP aims to support the development of a future global society where hard of hearing young people will have equal opportunities, with appropriate support, to be integrated into the community and viewed as contributing members. This will be realized by:

  • Holistic inclusion of hard of hearing young people to raise their visibility worldwide
  • Establishment of a strong voice as inspiration for hard of hearing young people worldwide
  • Active awareness of hearing loss and its impacts in all levels of society worldwide
  • Recognition of hard of hearing young people’s rights and needs worldwide


IFHOHYP will be a global unified voice for hard of hearing young people by:

  • Encouraging a positive attitude towards their identities and roles in the society
  • Influencing programme and policies at all levels through capacity building, dissemination of
    information, and exchange of inclusion practices through its members
  • Advocating for an inclusive global society with equal opportunities for access, participation
    and support in community activities

Check for the IFHOHYP website


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