Chongqing travel guide how to travel Chongqing area China

Chongqing Travel Guide video 重庆

Work & live in Chongqing

By working for the Modern International Arts & Design Academy (MIADA) a part of the Chongqing Technology and business university. I lived for one year in this amazing city. The campus of the university was located on the south bank of Yangtze river Nan an. The area where I was living in was the southern part of Nanping.

Chongqing 重庆

Chongqing is one of the 4 cities directly administration of the central government. The other cities are Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai. When I was living there the whole 2016 the city just got 8 million people in the city itself and 30 million in the urban area. This amount is still growing. The city has a lot to offer. Not only the special art scene but also in food like the famous Hot Pot (Chongqing Huo Guo) and the challenging people and the weather.

Yangtze river

It is the life’s atery of central China. From the Tibetan plateau all the way up to Shanghai it cuts the country in two. And play an important role of Chongqing city in trade and development. And the other cities along the Yangtze shores like Wuhan, Nanjing and Shanghai. It is also possible made a boat trip along this river it’s a nice way of travel

Chongqing Travel Guide

In the video below you show you around the city but also all the tips and tricks you need to know when you visit this city. And that is just a small piece of it. I was living in that city for one year but even then I haven’t seen it all. Chongqing is not like Beijing or Shanghai. This is central china this is the real china.


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