Road trip to South Scandinavia

I went on my way to the Summer camp in Norway. This is my travel vlog part 1 and 2 to South Scandinavia. I visit the countries of Germany, Denmark and Norway.

Day 1 – Hamburg

Straight from my freelance assignment I hop on my car to Hamburg Germany. Spend one day there to visit the old town of Hamburg and the famous area of Sankt Pauli.

Day 2 – Odense

Hop in my car and I crossed the border with Denmark to enter the southern part of Scandinavia. My first city to visit was Odense on the island of Fyn / Funen. Was a great time see some friends I met in Budapest. Odense is a nice town and famous of Hans Christian Andersen.

Day 3 – Aarhus

From Odense I went back to Jutland to visit the second largest city of Denmark. Aarhus / Århus famous of its university town. I was waiting for my friend from the Netherlands to continue our travels to top of Denmark in the North.

Day 4 – Aalborg & Tornby strand

More north you go more wind you get. And less dark it will gets during summer time. Aalborg is a nice town but our main highlight today was getting to the beach: Tornby strand.

Day 5 – Hirtshals – Kristiansand

From the mainland of Denmark we went on the Ferry in Hirtshals to the other side to Kristiansand in Norway the other country in Scandinavia. A decent ride and travel of 3 hours.

Day 6 – 11 Summer Camp Norway

Organized by the IFHOHYP and HLFU Norway was the host country this year. Here’s the video of that camp.

Part 1

Part 2

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