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Golden Gate bridge San Francisco United States, Verenigde Staten

Verenigde Staten, welcome in the Land of the Brave

De Verenigde Staten van America De Arend staat fier overal op de grote gebouwen. Streng kijkend op iedereen in de straat. The Stars and Stripes wappert overal. Muscle cars: Mustangs, Dodge Challengers en Corvette rijden hier af en aan. Mensen die gek zijn van Basketbal, American Football, Baseball en (Ice)Hockey. Dit is inderdaad The Land of Brave de Verenigde Staten.…

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San Francisco united states

West coast United States – LA, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle

Relaxing West Coast West coast compared with the east coast in the United States is very laid back and inspiring at the same time. Chill in the sunshine state on the beaches, hike thousands of trails in Oregon or enjoy the amazing landscapes in Washington. Check the photos below. Start in Los Angeles If flew straight from New Zealand (with…

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Wieden Kennedy Portland Oregon USA

Wieden + Kennedy Portland ft. Ellen McFadden

Work at W + K and collaboration with Ellen McFadden After making an exhausting overnight trip from San Francisco, I arrived in Portland, the biggest city of Oregon.  Because I wasn’t able to check in at the hotel, I headed into the city for a long walk before deciding to return to the hostel.  However, suddenly, in an area of many breweries,…

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Tongariro Alpine Crossing Nieuw Zeeland

New Zealand South Island photo series

South Island New Zealand.  It is the largest of those two islands with the less people compared with north island. I traveled from Sydney Australia and flew to Christchurch. In the middle of the night I arrived. So I could explore the real New Zealand the next day. Check the photos. Christchurch Christchurch still suffers from the earthquake a few…

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Nick klinkert

Creative Globetrotter at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

San Francisco is everybody’s favourite city in the United States of America. At least, it is for me! Today, I was invited by Nick Klinkert.  He is an creative director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GS&P). GS&P has been honoured several times as the Agency of the Year by numerous advertising organizations, magazines, and blogs. Additionally, their staff and work have…

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